AgBot ended

Sadly after years of coding AgBot quit coding this great bot.

SE Xperia arc

Finally today the new firmware 2.3.3 arrived. Just took some weeks more after google released this version. Damn I hate seeing this modified crap at every android phone.

Back at work…

… waiting for an game update. Yesterday i rebegan playing lineage2. was funny again 😉

SilkroadOnline Client download v1.310

Long no see! As the english would say :p I just added an installed version of Silkroad with the actual version 1.310. You can download it here.

I forgot to say…

… That it is so fucking Idiot like that Apple does Not allow Flash content which Needs the Adobe Flash Player. Noobs!!!!!!!

My New Ipad

Hey Folks. Just Surfing a Bit with my Brand New IPad 3G WiFi 32GB 🙂 In general it’s Absolutely cool. But I miss some Windows Features… Well, I did the iOs update to Version 4.2 without Problems. Now i’m waiting for the Data SIM so I can use the 3G 😉 Enough for Today.

Just found a funny statement on youtube

Cannibal Corpse doesn’t ’sing‘ fucktard, they growl, whimper, cry, and squeal like impaled, wounded, skinned, salt-scrubbed dogs. That is cool 😀

Harddisk crash – worst case

Today my harddrisk collapsed at work. The Seagate 7200.12 worked well till Saturday, then this morning I started my computer as everyday at work. Windows was slown down (as it was 4 weeks ago – I should have remembered this xD). After reboot the system was dead… Well.. Tomorrow I will get another harddisk out…

Nice to see 2 new GMs in Jangan…

[15:07:11] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6420,1070)! [15:09:46] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6439,1024)! [15:11:58] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6427,1119)! [15:12:07] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6422,1119)! [15:32:12] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6432,1060)! [16:10:10] GM „[GM] Nethore“ spawned near your position (6432,1060)! [16:11:03]…

Several server inspections this day

As some have recognized there were several extra server inspections this day. Joymax does not write anything about the reasons – as most time they keep it in mind 😉 Some login server IP adresses do not work – or do not work fully. Let’s see if it will be stable this night.

Agbot 3.3.27 released

V3.3.27: [Make sure to update skill.txt for v27] -Fixed warrior/rogue KD issue -More skill option coming soon -Fixed a lot of small issue related to item

Updated my wordpress blog

So, finally after some days of thinking i just updated my installation of wordpress to version 3.0. I think i will also do an update to the theme within the next days.. Depending on how much time i have. I have also located an error in the agbot guide which i will fix tomorrow. Further…