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SilkroadOnline Legend V announced!

Dienstag, Februar 23rd, 2010

As a lot of people thought that Legend V would come within the 1st half of 2010, now it is published by Joymax:

Legend V will be available in Spring 2010.

Max. Level: 110
11 Degree items
Advanced Elixir
New areas and new Uniques

The download will be provided as far as it is available :)

More Infos on the official page.

Starting Agbot

Montag, Februar 15th, 2010

1. Start nuconnectorXXX.exe

2. Start Agbot
If Agbot won’t start (and you get a ‘missing *.ocx’ error), please install Library-Files (1641). If you’re using Windows Vista/Windows 7, open agbot.exe as admin [right click on the file > run as admin].

Appearance log of nuconnectorXXX.exe

  1. listening for Bot Connection
  2. listening for sro_client
  3. connected to the sro_client

If these two steps are working you are done.

Login to Silkroad with your user name and password and choose your character. Check if it says ‘Char: Playername Lv:1′. Then something is wrong and u missed something. Does it show your correct character name and level you’re well.

Redirecting Traffic with Mediapatcher

Montag, Februar 15th, 2010

With mediapatcher you just patch your media.pk2 and redirect the traffic with silkroads own files, if you have a patched media.pk2 you cant play legit until you unpatch it.

If you want to patch your media.pk2 use this program then. In the Agbot folder there is a file called mediapatcher.exe. Copy that one to your Silkroad folder. Default location is c:\Program Files\Silkroad.

When you doubleclick the mediapatcher.exe file there will show up some message boxes where you clock ‘ok’.

Now the media.pk2 is patched, make sure Silkroad wasn’t running. Well, anyway this will not work if Silkroad is running. ;) Don’t remove the created ip.bak and port.bak files. You need thoose to unpatch the media.pk2.

Important edit: Do not use Mediapatcher.exe anymore since Legend V has been released! Mediapatcher.exe was modifying the media.pk2. Hackshield does a md5 hash on all the silkroad files to detect modified files.

Installing Agbot

Montag, Februar 15th, 2010

First extract all AgBot files in to a folder, call it whatever you want and place it where ever you want.

Packet player – How to..

Montag, Februar 15th, 2010
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This is the “original” tutorial how to use the packet player (edited by me).

While playing Agbot records the data in the following folder: “/agbot/record/*”

To replay the recorded Stream you need the /agbot/record/pplayer.exe. Please, i am not sure whether pplayer.exe is actually supported working.

Close SilkroadOnline, close nuConnector, close Agbot

- Open pPlayer.exe
- Open Silkroad.exe with mediapatcher

Write a RANDOM username (e.g. userxyz) and password (asdasdasd) to login to the server. select the character that appears in the player selection and login with this.

Now Silkroad will freeze at the login screen. Go back to pPlayer.exe andselect the file from the list to replay it. Click on load. Silkroad will now REPLAY everything that happened while recording.

Please note, silkroad.exe might crash if you purchased item from npc normally. Silkroad might also crash during a teleport. Though those aren’t serious issue since you are not connected to or the game servers. There is 0 (zero/none) external connection from pplayer.exe and sro_client.exe to the internet. Everything is client sided and played locally.

This is the first version of pPlayer.exe. We will upgrade it within the following week for better result.
Question: I open pplayer.exe and there is an error?!
Answer: Close nuconnector (They use the same port which is why there is an error)

Agbot Downloads

Sonntag, Februar 14th, 2010

All downloads as actual as they are are available here