Legend V download was incomplete

I just noticed that my uploaded Legend V file wasn’t complete. Sorry for that. Now it is 100%. I will add Rapidshare files too. Thank you and have fun with the new update 🙂

Legend V ready for download

The new Legend V client is ready for download. You can get it directly on silkroadonline.net. I am uploading it on my space and on Rapidshare too. Remember that it is not usable until Joymax has applied Legend V on 16thMarch 2010.

Clean Silkroad Campaign – Illegal program usage

With today’s notice Joymax will strongly fight against botters and speak out a permanent ban as 1st and last punishment – without further notice. Start date: Mar 23, 2010 after weekly server inspection Punishment Target : Illegal Program User Punishment Standard : Permanent Block

Further Infos about Legend V – nice2read

There are some more Infos I like to let you know: http://www.rev6../..useful-things-you-must-know-about-legend-v-t9366.html Read a lot more about what you may want to know about the upcoming Legend V update.

New area mobs in Legend V – Alexandria

These are some Infos for the new mobs coming with Legend V – Heroes of Alexandria. The translation may be bad at more or less points. But it’s just a lil‘ information 😉 Image Name Level Defense type Offence type Offence method Uneg 100 Melee defense Substantial Melee Appreciate the presence of a plant of…