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Agbot 3.3.21 released

Donnerstag, Juni 24th, 2010

-Temporary fix for item pickup issue

Updated my wordpress blog

Montag, Juni 21st, 2010

So, finally after some days of thinking i just updated my installation of wordpress to version 3.0.

I think i will also do an update to the theme within the next days.. Depending on how much time i have.

I have also located an error in the agbot guide which i will fix tomorrow. Further updates to that post will be done in the later week.

Let’s see what Joymax brings us in tomorrow’s update. Bye

Agbot Step-by-Step guide

Sonntag, Juni 20th, 2010

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Copy mediapatcher.exe to your silkroad directory and execute it. Select ‘yes’ in the following popups.
  • Run nuConnector9.20.exe
  • Run agBot.exe 
  • Now run Silkroad.exe, start Silkroad and log in to your account.
  • Open the bot-window and click on “Start Walkscript” if the icon is red so that it turns blue.
  • On the bottom of the bot-window tick the option “Execute Script” and select your town:
  • Select your mob-script:
  • [optional] You can use AgDev to create a mob-script. Just put the file into the “MonsterScript”-folder in your agbot folder.
  • Click on purchasebutton
  • Select what the bot should buy in town on every loop. (Red marked fields are the most important)
  • Click on the arrow next to the Config-Button and click on “Auto Party”. Select your options.
  • [optional] The Auto-Pot function. If you want that agbot and not sro uses the Autopot function activate it.
  • Click on configbutton
  • The Config-Settings:
    1: Choose the type of monster your bot should attack.
    2: Choose the type of monster your bot should attack in berserk (ready) mode.
    3: You may tick the options “Kill-” or “Select High HP monster first” for more efficient hunting.
    4: Tick the options of when your bot should activate berserk-mode.
    5: Tick whose items the bot should pick up.
    6: On “Item Select” you can choose what items the bot should pick up/store/sell (move the items by using the arrow-buttons on the bottom of the page). On “Monster Select” you can choose what mob he should attack and which he shouldn´t.
    7: Tick the “Loop after teleport” option if you want the bot to loop!
    8: Set the delays after teleports/attacks/purchasing. The default settings are good though.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Config-Button again and click on “Return to town”.
  • Choose your settings.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Config-Button again and click on “Skill List”.
  • Now add you skills like this: First look for your Imbue skill then right-click it and click “add imbue”. Then you go for your Buffs: Right-click —>”add Buff”. Now the attack skills: Right-click—>”add [first attack]” (agbot will always start with this attack on every mob) —>Right-click (on other skill)—>”add [general attack]“.
  • Your bot-settings are now complete. To start the bot go to the teleport-spot of your town (the spot where you get when you use a return-scroll or die) and click on the “Start Walkscript” Button.

Now we’re ready and can leave the bot alone but babysit him for the first loop so that you can be sure that everything is running fine.

Agbot 3.3.20 released

Sonntag, Juni 20th, 2010

-Fixed some attack skill not showing in the skill list

Agbot 3.3.19 released

Samstag, Juni 19th, 2010

-Fixed Avatar cheering hat causing bot skill not to show up

overriding 3.3.18

Agbot 3.3.17 released

Samstag, Juni 19th, 2010

-Fixed Weapon switching final issue
-Fixed some packet parsing issue
Should be stable and safe to use.
Let me know if any issue arise.

Ignore the “Please update” message inside the bot.

Agbot 3.3.16 released

Freitag, Juni 18th, 2010

-Fixed Bard Shield/Weapon Issue
-Fixed malicious devil skill Issue [By default Hunting area only]
-Added Feature [Material/Stone/Arrow/Bolt/Elixir/tablet]
If setup as Floor and is found in inventory,
bot will sell it to npc.
Preventing shared pt item accumulation.

Agbot 3.3.15 released

Freitag, Juni 18th, 2010

-New skill system have been added in place
Should be more user-friendly
Weapon switch method has been modified.

[Weekly Inspection] Weekly Server Inspection Completed

Dienstag, Juni 15th, 2010

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, weekly server inspection of all servers has been completed.

Game Inspection Completed : June 15th, 2010 16:00 Silkroad Standard Time

- Database Backup Completed

Enjoy Silkroad Online.

Agbot 3.3.14b released

Dienstag, Juni 15th, 2010

nuConnectorv918 is a fix for people that had issue with previous agbot version.

If you get with v14 an error
Skill not casted for wrong weapon
Use version 12 instead and inform us about it.
We will fix the issue as soon as possible.
We just fixed the 2h and 1h skill for warrior in v14
Redowload it if you had the issue.
Fell free to keep using v12</blockquote>

Agbot 3.3.14 released

Montag, Juni 14th, 2010

-Added the new file skill.txt
Make sure to replace the old file for it to work
We changed the format of the skill.txt by adding more info about skill

If you have issue with v14, use the v12 instead.
We are adding skill.txt in v12 update version
So you can downgrade to:

If any issue arise

Agbot 3.3.13 released

Freitag, Juni 11th, 2010

-Fixed npcdata.txt for those that haven’t fixed it manually
-Fixed 108 script job cave thief teleport error
-Fixed speed scroll pot not working
-Fixed/Attempt weapon switch issue (waiting for confirmation)
-New bot skill implementation in progress
-New auto party method in progress
-Europe support for bot in progress