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Agbot 4.0.1 released

Donnerstag, Juli 29th, 2010

New security against hackshield
- Fixed healing issue
- Fixed chat issue
- Fixed warrior skill on KD issue

Agbot 4.0.0 released

Dienstag, Juli 27th, 2010

Bypass Hackshield new protection server side checkup

Agbot 3.3.27 released

Donnerstag, Juli 15th, 2010

[Make sure to update skill.txt for v27]
-Fixed warrior/rogue KD issue
-More skill option coming soon
-Fixed a lot of small issue related to item

Agbot 3.3.26 released

Donnerstag, Juli 8th, 2010

Ignore the ERR BUFF msg, it just for us, it not even an error.
I could go in detail, but it unrelated.

If nuconnector9.19 doesn’t work, go back to v18 for the few that has v19
- Fixed issue in town ‘invalid purchase error msg’
- Fixed issue with buff that bot doesn’t recast
- Fixed issue were bolt/arrow were sold to npc and repurchased
- Added some hidden feature lv105+
- Added chat script folder
* Create a file in chat script folder named startbot.lst [not allowed to have space]
/config/config1/ChatScript.txt < -- add name of player, 1 per line if someone pm the bot and he's name exist in that file and the pm is 1 keyword and the keyword is a file that exist in chatscript folder The script will be executed. This way you can enable people to control your bot... Who knows, a script to go kill unique 105+ And while your botting someone pm you to make your bot join them >.>

We started making the new auto party feature, but we will delay it for security purpose.

Agbot 3.3.25 released

Sonntag, Juli 4th, 2010

-Fixed item pickup issue [another part fixed]

For people asking (why does the bot not loop after teleport?)
The checkbox “Loop after teleport” has been moved.
The new interface has a “Start bot” button and a “Loop” button next to it.
If you are in town and click start bot, it will start the walkscript.
If you are in hunting area and click start bot, it will start botting.
If the loop button is pressed, bot will loop on teleport.

Agbot 3.3.24 released

Freitag, Juli 2nd, 2010

-fixed some related pickup pet issue not entirely
-fixed some minor issue
-removed stall from View menu (it was defective)

Agbot 3.3.23 released

Donnerstag, Juli 1st, 2010

-Fixed issue for bot connection lost when you open agbot/nuconnector
-Added Checkbox to enable / disable quest loop
-Readded the hotkey 2xF5 to Start/Disable the bot

Agbot 3.3.22 released

Donnerstag, Juli 1st, 2010

-Issue with item pickup still there [will be fixed soon]
-Low weapon durability >.> tele away
-On death, revived, doesn’t resume
-Faster buying + fix against lag
-Added on dead, wait 5 min than revive
this feature is now working.
if you are revived the bot continue botting.