Agbot 4.0.1 released

V4.0.1: New security against hackshield – Fixed healing issue – Fixed chat issue – Fixed warrior skill on KD issue

Agbot 3.3.27 released

V3.3.27: [Make sure to update skill.txt for v27] -Fixed warrior/rogue KD issue -More skill option coming soon -Fixed a lot of small issue related to item

Agbot 3.3.26 released

V3.3.26: Ignore the ERR BUFF msg, it just for us, it not even an error. I could go in detail, but it unrelated. If nuconnector9.19 doesn’t work, go back to v18 for the few that has v19 – Fixed issue in town ‚invalid purchase error msg‘ – Fixed issue with buff that bot doesn’t recast…

Agbot 3.3.25 released

V3.3.25: -Fixed item pickup issue [another part fixed] Info: For people asking (why does the bot not loop after teleport?) The checkbox „Loop after teleport“ has been moved. The new interface has a „Start bot“ button and a „Loop“ button next to it. If you are in town and click start bot, it will start…

Agbot 3.3.24 released

V3.3.24: -fixed some related pickup pet issue not entirely -fixed some minor issue -removed stall from View menu (it was defective)

Agbot 3.3.23 released

V3.3.23: -Fixed issue for bot connection lost when you open agbot/nuconnector -Added Checkbox to enable / disable quest loop -Readded the hotkey 2xF5 to Start/Disable the bot

Agbot 3.3.22 released

V3.3.22: -Issue with item pickup still there [will be fixed soon] -Low weapon durability >.> tele away -On death, revived, doesn’t resume -Faster buying + fix against lag -Added on dead, wait 5 min than revive this feature is now working. if you are revived the bot continue botting.