Legend V Plus Battle Arena Full Client Download

Hello. This is Silkroad Online. We would like to inform our users that downloading Full Client for Legend V Plus ‚Battle Arena‘ is now available at Silkroad online home page. Legend V Plus ‚Battle Arena‘ Full client’s version is Ver. 1.265. Please check version of client, before download. You can download full client now, however…

New Avatar “Devil Wing Outfit”

Fly away with dark magic to have extra power in Silkroad Online. New Avatar Item „Devil Wing Outfit“ Hello. This is Silkroad Online. We now introduce to our users our 28th avatar item, the “ Devil Wing Outfit“. [Devil Wing Outfit Front] [Devil Wing Outfit Back] [Information] – The “ Devil Wing Outfit „ consists…

New Cash Items!

Hello. This is Silkroad Online. We have prepared various new items for your convenience of playing Silkroad Online. With new update of Legend V Plus Battle Arena, new items would be around to help. Instant resurrection Scroll (1) Instant resurrection Scroll (11) 60% Resurrection Scroll (1) 100% Resurrection Scroll (1) Basic Defense Gender Switch Tool…

New bot method with nuconnector9.20

New method [Beta testing] Highly recommanded: [download id=“12″] http://www.agbot.net/f/Patcher.zip Put the file patcher.exe in agbot directory -nuConnector9.20.exe -agBot.exe -pPlayer.exe [optional for those using it] Open Patcher.exe and it will create those 2 files: -nuConnector9.20.exe.safe.exe -agBot.exe.safe.exe -pPlayer.exe.safe.exe [if you moved the file in agbot directory] Delete the 2 old agbot.exe and nuConnector9.20.exe Rename nuConnector9.20.exe.safe.exe to Keyword.exe…

Agbot 4.0.8 released

Nothing special in this version, just a new nuconnector9.19.exe Version 4.0.5 can still be used. We are back on track to fix bug Those that buff aren’t casted -> Select cast high priority buff in config windows (for now) We are working on fixing more bug. ———————————– Knowns bugs: Guild storage has issue

Agbot 4.0.6 released

V4.0.6: -The new script system should be released soon [might be buggy right now still testing it] We removed some info in agbot.exe header/icon We are testing a few different thing

Agbot 4.0.3 released

V4.0.3: Added hunter script with fixed mobs.txt to select the npc. Removed pink notice text which might be causing client crash.

Several server inspections this day

As some have recognized there were several extra server inspections this day. Joymax does not write anything about the reasons – as most time they keep it in mind 😉 Some login server IP adresses do not work – or do not work fully. Let’s see if it will be stable this night.

New scripts since Agbot version 4.0.1

Hunter script has been created for the lv105+ quest loop We are now about to finalise everything in v4.0.2 Remember 100k-200k sp per day with this script looping 4 quest. If you can’t survive the lv110 mobs just delete the script of abandon the quest Fell free to test it with the following file unzip…