Agbot 4.2.1 released

4.2.1 -Feature are hidden, will be made public in a few day [we are still testing the feature] -Fixed some issue with some quest causing bot to not work.

Agbot 4.1.22 released

4.1.22 -Fixed quest item pickup with job name -Modified down skill attack -Removed ignore quest crash option [NOT WORKING] -Added option in item [Useless item, throw back on floor] -Fixed when player is stuck to unstuck [walkscript/botting] -Fixed ignore skill if already casted -Fixed ignore monster for 30s if there an obstacle

Agbot 4.1.17 released

4.1.17 -Some small fix for update to make the bot work again -nuconnector [fix the infinite error msg] {some big jumps without release notes…}