Agbot 3.3.4 released

Please take care of the following in this release:

Hackshield detects edxDetour by 100%. So it isn’t safe anymore. Unistall it manual or just start agbot 3.3.4 and it will unistall it for you automatically. Do not use hook.exe and do not use edxDetour again until there is more info.

That’s why you must use mediapatcher again until there will be a more secure way to get the bot running. Remember: You use agbot at your own risk.

[How to setup agbot]
If your Silkroad is installed in the following directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Silkroad
C:\Program Files\Silkroad

Open mediapatcher.exe to patch the pk2 file. If your silkroad directory isn’t one of the 3 above just copy mediapatcher to your silkroad directory and open mediapatcher.exe to patch your media.pk2 file

After that is done:

Just open nuconnector.exe
Than open agbot.exe
than open silkroad.exe

Please note, by opening agbot 3.3.4
Agbot will uninstall edxDetour for you.

Yes the suprise was mediapatcher back.
Let keep it simple, it safer than edxDetour.
edxDetour inject a dll in silkroad which we weren’t aware of
MediaPatcher modify the pk2.

As much as pk2 edit could be detected.
Dll injection is detected even more easily.
We will make sure to have a better method than the 2 above.
Though mediapatcher is more secure.

Warning, disable in game auto potion if you use the bot auto potions
Warning, disable in game pickup pet if bot control pickup pet to pickup item
We will fix those warning so you don’t have to take care of it.

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