Agbot 4.1.19(b) released

November 3rd, 2010

-Support for new silk item to increase item of +X for 30 min

Agbot 4.1.17 released

November 3rd, 2010

-Some small fix for update to make the bot work again
-nuconnector [fix the infinite error msg]

{some big jumps without release notes…}

Agbot 4.1.15 released

Oktober 24th, 2010

There were several updates within a few hours without any information so far. Let’s see what’s up with it :)

Just found a funny statement on youtube

Oktober 20th, 2010

Cannibal Corpse doesn’t ‘sing’ fucktard, they growl, whimper, cry, and squeal like impaled, wounded, skinned, salt-scrubbed dogs.

That is cool :D

Harddisk crash – worst case

Oktober 18th, 2010

Today my harddrisk collapsed at work. The Seagate 7200.12 worked well till Saturday, then this morning I started my computer as everyday at work. Windows was slown down (as it was 4 weeks ago – I should have remembered this xD). After reboot the system was dead…

Well.. Tomorrow I will get another harddisk out of HP’s warranty, but my data seems to be lost because trying to get the disc connected and detected at home did not help in any ways.

There was nothing special on that HD.. but I will miss all my emails that are lost.

I just can say – Fuck it! :D

Script files for agbot

Oktober 14th, 2010

I will add some scripts for agbot in the near future.

Stay tuned.

Agbot 4.1.11 released

Oktober 11th, 2010

-Fixed list of server parsing issue for auto relog
(If you have issue go back on v10 and don’t use auto relog)
Please note, if you are on version 10 and you use auto relog
You aren’t at risk, the bot never attempt to login once
It just goes on the login page and idle than close and reopen sro

Agbot 4.1.10(b) released

Oktober 6th, 2010

-Fixed Hunter script (Town to hunter cave)
-Fixed pickup pet more issues
-Fixed hunting area issues [teleporting back to town]
-Fixed resume script in cave now working [try to start bot outside town on the way to hunting area, it will resume the walkscript it really nice and useful]

Just ignore the ‘please update’ message inside the news section of the bot.

Agbot 4.1.9 released

Oktober 5th, 2010

-Fixed Auto relog for windows XP and win7 (32 bits)
-Fixed Pickup pet issue causing dc in town

Agbot 4.1.8b released

Oktober 5th, 2010

-nuconnector9.21 [newer version] fixed cpu issue

Agbot 4.1.8 released

Oktober 5th, 2010

-Auto reconnect script updated [Work on 32bit for windows XP and win7]
-Auto reconnect also work on all version of windows 64bits
-Fixed auto party files [partyplayer.txt < -- put name of people in the file 1 per line] -Removed Stop bot on mouseclick detect [not sure what you guy are using]

Agbot 4.1.7 released

Oktober 2nd, 2010

–AutoResume Bot Walkscript (if you are halfway in walkscript and stop walkscript)
—Click Start bot and it will resume walking to hunting area if you are near the path
—-If you are botting/walkscript and mouseclick on the floor, it stop bot/loop
-AutoAccept Party invitation is working (manually open agbot/config/config1)
–There some file PartyGuild PartyPlayer (put 1 name per line)
–If someone invite you that is in the file, it auto accept the invitation
–The Evil file auto refuse them
–Everyone else it ask in game what to do
–If a hunter/thief invite you and your not the same job type, it auto refuse (apart trader/hunter)
-Relog on DC [Sorry it relog really really slow... bare with us, it fail and retry a lot...]
–Put the path to silkroad folder //fix it if it not the right one
–Put the path to nuconnector fix it if it not the right one
–Fill in your account info and your account will be hacked/empty within 30 seconds ^^
-When it login automatically sro_client doesn’t know the serverID causing Guild/Union icon not to show
-Need to proxy the icon for them to show [in the future when i fell like it, i might fix it]
-Sound folder read the txt file, it to put sound alert (Job cave mainly) or when you die
-Fixed the Grocery npc due to item being removed for ghost event
-New icon has been added //about time
Please note, we proved it multiple time, nuconnector never send the account name/pw to agbot.
Thus, for the auto-login, you need to manually input your info in agbot (Reconn…) button
Warning, your password is saved in a text file, we encoded it with a low level encryption
If someone put he’s hand on the txt file your account password could be compromised.
Do not check the save password for more security.
If someone copy your entire agbot folder and try use it on another computer
the password field will be empty (yes it magic, agbot will know it on a new computer)
That protection is good, but can be broken it just a safety against noob.