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Agbot with edxDetour and hook.exe [unsecure since 11/05/2010]

Dienstag, April 27th, 2010

1st Thing: Copy your complete Silkroad folder to have one legit folder without changes and one folder to add the edxDetour thing. This saves some time ;)

Else be sure to have the Library-Files (1641), Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) or if you are on 64bit Windows Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) installed. Otherwise you will get errors in the following steps. If you have problems go to and have a look at the forum. Now we are going to install the hook:

Open \Package\edxDetourDataFileCreator.exe
You will see something like this:

The right side should be empty, on the left side you need to add the following:
Original IP: up to (press ‘add’ and go on -> change only the last digits of the ip. One after the other)
Original port: 15779
New ip:
New port: 15778

After you have done this you close the window and confirm the upcoming message with yes. Then open the ‘hook.exe’. If you have Windows UAC enabled you will need to press ‘yes’ in the windows message to let windows open the program. The following window should pop up:

You press ‘Yes’. This file will change a registry setting which may cause to an error. Try to run hook.exe as admin (Right click hook.exe and click “Run as Admin). If you still get some errors you should open it in compatibility mode (Right click hook.exe and click on properties, select Compatibility and mark “XP Sp2″). I did not get an error. If you have done you will see this message:

If this is done you can …
… open nuconnector
… open agbot
… open silkroad normally

Agbot with MS Virtual PC 2007

Dienstag, April 27th, 2010

You do not have to use this method if you want to use edxDetour. This way with Virtual PC is just an alternative.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (scroll down to get 32bit or 64bit version) … laylang=en

Download this prepared hardrive for VPC:

Install Virtual PC 2007
Open Virtual PC 2007
Click on New…
Create a new Virtual Machine
Write a name and click next
Choose Windows XP and click next
Use recommanded RAM and click next
“An existing virtual Hard disk” and click next
Unzip you just downloaded from rapidshare and point to that file
Click Finish

Select it and click on Settings
Click on networking
Make it to have only 1 network adapter
Select the network adapter that you use to connect to the internet
Click on OK

If you use your mouse in the virtual machine and you want to have your mouse outside of the virtual machine, click once on the button “ALT” on the right side of the space bar, or also known as “ATL CTRL” or “CTRL ALT” – it’s the alt button on the right side of the space bar [Ctrl] [Win-Key] [Alt] [Space bar] [Alt Ctrl] [Win-Key] [###] [Ctrl]

Select your virtual machine and click “Start it”
You will now have a windows opening Windows XP with agbot and nuconnector preinstalled on it

DO NOT USE edxDetour!!!!

If you have edxDetour, please uninstall it.

Inside the virtual machine:
Open Nuconnector Random
Open Agbot

Nuconnector should show something similar to:
Host name is EXPERIEN-DE3E80
Using address: IPADDRESSHERE

From your real computer you can access the share directory of this virtual computer by opening the explorer and type in this:
\\IPADDRESSHERE (the ip adress of the virtual machine)

Then you can upload your agbot files to update agbot from your main computer if you want to upload your previous saved configuration.


Now that we have this setup, there is 1 step missing.
How to get silkroad connected to nuconnector and agbot on the virtual machine:

Open: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts with notepad on the real computer
Add this:

Where IPADDRESSHERE is the value written in nuconnector on the virtual machine.

You are done, now when you open silkroad, it will send silkroad connection to the virtual machine by re-routing the dns.

You can also use 2 computers to achieve the same result.

Have fun – Credits to