SilkroadOnline Client download v1.310

Long no see! As the english would say :p I just added an installed version of Silkroad with the actual version 1.310. You can download it here.

I forgot to say…

… That it is so fucking Idiot like that Apple does Not allow Flash content which Needs the Adobe Flash Player. Noobs!!!!!!!

Agbot 4.2.1 released

4.2.1 -Feature are hidden, will be made public in a few day [we are still testing the feature] -Fixed some issue with some quest causing bot to not work.

Agbot 4.1.22 released

4.1.22 -Fixed quest item pickup with job name -Modified down skill attack -Removed ignore quest crash option [NOT WORKING] -Added option in item [Useless item, throw back on floor] -Fixed when player is stuck to unstuck [walkscript/botting] -Fixed ignore skill if already casted -Fixed ignore monster for 30s if there an obstacle

Agbot 4.1.15 released

There were several updates within a few hours without any information so far. Let’s see what’s up with it 🙂

Harddisk crash – worst case

Today my harddrisk collapsed at work. The Seagate 7200.12 worked well till Saturday, then this morning I started my computer as everyday at work. Windows was slown down (as it was 4 weeks ago – I should have remembered this xD). After reboot the system was dead… Well.. Tomorrow I will get another harddisk out…

Agbot 4.1.11 released

V4.1.11 -Fixed list of server parsing issue for auto relog (If you have issue go back on v10 and don’t use auto relog) Please note, if you are on version 10 and you use auto relog You aren’t at risk, the bot never attempt to login once It just goes on the login page and…